Beckham Hotel Collection Premium Micro-plush Mattress Pad Review

Are you desperately in need of a mattress pad which you can use for different bed’s sizes, such as the twin size, the twin XL size, the king, the California size, full size and the queen size?

Then, you’ve come to the right place. The Beckham hotel collection premium micro-plush mattress pad review provides you with a piece of information that would help you in making the right choice on what product best fits your bed size.

Beckham Hotel Collection Premium Micro-plush Mattress Pad Review

If you reside in the southern part of America where it’s mostly cool, you may not know what it is to be desperately in need of this product. But an area like the northern part of the country, then you’ll be able to testify to this need, especially using this with air-condition.

Why customer has used this as their favorite choice is that it increases the coziness of the room, it can be used for a long period of time and you can solely depend on it for different types of mattress.

Albeit, there are multiple qualities that make this product unique, but for the comprehensive purpose, we’ll be discussing the five amazing features of this product.

Beckham Hotel Collection Premium Micro-plush Mattress Pad Review | 5 Major Features

1. Deep-Fit

You might have been wondering how you justly get the best deep fit for your mattress. The deep fit is also the same with deep pocket/deep pocket depth. Mostly, the deep fit is always good for the 16-inch thick size of the mattress.

How to shop for the best fit for your mattress: One thing you have to know is that deep fit is different from an extra-deep fit, and regular sheet. So, it ranges from 8-16inches (most times). Take a measurement of the height of your mattress and order for a deep fit that’s higher than your mattress (at least two difference).

This information will help you to know what you are to order for while shopping for the Beckham premium mattress pad. For mattress inches, that’s less than 20-inch thick you can order for the queen size, king size, California size, twin and Twin XL.

Here are the dimensions of the bed sizes:

  • The Queen topper’s size, you can get 60″ x 80″ x 17″.
  • Full size, you can get 54″ by 75″ by 15″
  • California King, you can get 72″ by 84″ by 17″
  • Twin XL size, you can get 39″ by 80″ by 15″
  • Twin size, you can get 39″ by 80″ by 15″
  • King size, you can get 78″ by 80″ by 17

This information will definitely help you while ordering or shopping for the suitable mattress that fits your mattress. Always remember to minus at least 2-inch from your order.

For example, I can only order for twin size which is 15inches thick for my children’s bed that means, their bed should be 13-inch tall/thick.

2. Ultra-Soft

Do you know that using an Ultra-soft mattress is best for you if you are a one-sided sleeper, or you are currently sleeping on an old mattress? Of course, it helps in the alignment of your spine with your bone, then makes your veins and arteries to perfectly relax.

Ultra soft is also known as ultra-plush or extra-plush. The ultra-soft feature of this product gives users the comfort to make a preference in their sleeping positions as they as can decide to use their firm-surface-mattress or use this mattress pad as their main solution for comfortable relaxations.

With the Beckham premium mattress pad, you can turn left-right-left without any impediment as you enjoy your beautiful moment while you’re in bed.

3. Over-filled Topper

The Beckham luxury collection’s topper is perfectly designed by professionals that accurately took the precisions of the quantity of soft material that will be needed to keep your body free from aches and pains.

The mattress topper is the different from the pad due to the fact that it’s much bumpy than the mattress pad (though, they are used to reduce firmness in the mattress).

The soft material is accurately measured that you’ll rarely see flaws in the shape of the topper. The mattress topper augments the pleasures that you’ve been encountering over the years. This is a good product for children and aged parents.

4. Hypoallergenic

One of the importance of purchasing this product is the hypoallergenic feature. This helps you to keep your mattress free from stains.

If you’ve just bought a mattress with warranty, stains can render the warranty void, so what can you do to prevent stains? It’s with the help of the Beckham mattress topper.

Another feature that makes this product unique is its ability to keep you off from dust while sleeping. This is highly recommendable to asthmatic patients as it gives them a perfect health security and also keeps you babies with a runny nose and other allergens.

5. Quality Fiber Products

This product is made by synthetic fibers, for maximum comfort. These qualities are professionally chosen and made used of, in order to give you all that you need, and the convenience you desire while at rest. The fiber conjoined with other polyesters, polyamides and down alternative makes it a super choice for homes.

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Why Should You Use Beckham Hotel Collection Premium Micro-plush Mattress Pad?

1. Maximum Comfort

Have you ever been facing health-related challenges, and you are told to get some rest?

You don’t have to find perfect rest elsewhere when you’ve got the Beckham luxury’s premium mattress topper to run to. Hospitals and hotels use this as a reliable substitute for firm bed for aged patients.

2. Customers’ Review

This product has become relevant all over the world as it’s moving at the speed of light to meet people’s need. Many have called it: “the closest medium to perfect comfort”.

Some even said it helped them in experiencing how it feels to sleep like a baby. You can’t get it wrong with this product as over 4.6 positive reviews are accounted to its credits, you can give it a try, at least for once.

3. Easy to Clean

The Beckham luxury collection premium micro-plush mattress pad doesn’t cost much to maintain, you can wash it machine.

The fabric material is good enough that it doesn’t tear so easily even while washing it. The stitches are so great that it keeps the inner content of the mattress topper intact.

The designs made on the mattress pad is very much appealing and eye-catchy. Your visitors can’t just get enough of this, they’d always crave for more of it.

4. Warranty

The manufacturer has shown the courageous attitude towards this product by giving yours a 30-days warranty for personal use and evaluation of the product. This warranty comes with the product.

5. Longevity

Unlike other product, you can enjoy the qualities of this product for long. The shape is retained and the contents last for long.

  • It’s durable and reliable
  • This product can be used for different types of bed
  • It’s breathable
  • Very easy to wash
  • 100% cotton made product
  • It can be used by allergies as it’s perfectly treated
  • This product is densely filled
  • An Ultra-soft mattress, which is good for one-sided sleepers.
  • The fluffiness easily varnishes when washed
  • The elastic fabric is a bit cheap, it can break easily. (However, if it’s properly managed it can last long).

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this product weighty?

Answer: Definitely not. It’s lightweight

  1. Can this product fit into my standard size washing machine?

Answer: Depending on your choice of purchase.

  1. Do you get overheated while using this product?

Answer: No, it’s very comfortable and it’s breathable.

  1. Can someone help me with the mattress topper’s thickness at the top?

Answer: It’s in the range of 3-5.5 inches

Final Verdict

The Beckham hotel collection premium micro-plush mattress pad review impugns everyone who looks forward to correcting the quality of the interior designs and comfort of their room. The review showed the features of the Beckham luxury collections and how they can benefit you as an individual.

The Beckham collections mattress pad is cheap that it’s very much affordable. This product lasts longer and it’s reliable. The uniqueness of this product is that it keeps you safe from dust and other particulate matter. This product is highly recommended for everyone.

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