Hanna Kay Mattress Pad Review

After a long day of work, one needs a rest.  Good sleep allows the body to recollect, it is important for a person’s cognitive growth and prepares one for yet another day. Good sleep helps reduce cases of depression, increases creativity, prevents inflammation and sharpens one’s attention.  It also helps to reduce stress.

Hanna kay mattress pad Review

A good sleep is mainly punctuated with a good mattress. A good mattress should sufficiently support the body and align the spine with the rest of the body. It also helps to spread the body weight evenly across the frame. The Hanna kay mattress pad falls well into this description.

The mattress pad has been customized to offer a comfortable and restful sleep. It is made from premium quality materials which enable you to keep warm and at the same time sheds off any excess heat.  It is ideal for both back and stomach sleepers.

Hanna kay mattress padReview | 5 Major Features

1. Made from cotton and polyester

The Hanna kay mattress pad is made from a unique blend of cotton and polyester.  The exterior is mainly made of cotton and a small part made of polyester. This ensures that you are not affected by allergies.  Additionally, this combination does not cause any skin problems.

It can be used by everyone from children to grown-ups.  The cotton ensures that you have as much heat as possible and at the same time get rid of any excess heat.

The polyester prevents the pad from shrinking and developing wrinkles. This blend also makes the pad very breathable unlike a fully plastic or polyester pad.  This helps to keep your sleep very nice and cool.

2. Can be washed

Hanna kay mattress padThe Hanna kay mattress pad is made from materials which are commonly used in fabrics hence it can be washed.  This allows you to keep your pad free from stains and ensure that it’s clean enough to offer a nice sleep.

During sleep, a lot of sweat is released which can leave stains on the mattress, pads, sheets, and blankets.   You, therefore, need a pad that you can wash easily.

This pad can be washed by a machine hence making its cleaning much easier and fast.  The Hanna kay mattress pad can also be dried over high temperature without the risk of damaging it.

3. It is a stretch-to-fit

This pad is very stretchable.  This means it can be extended to fit on bigger mattresses. This way, you also ensure that it fits on a mattress without the risk of shifting.

The pad has elastic corners which fit into the mattress and keep it safe.  It can be placed on top of any memory foam topper or a mattress on the bed.

The Hannakay mattress pad is able to fit on a mattress as thick as 18 inches. The pad can also hold mattresses with large pillow tops.

4. Hypoallergenic

Hanna kay mattress pad..The skin sheds cells which attract dust mites. As a result, many beddings are always home to dust mites. These dust mites can cause allergy problems to many people.  The dust mites release solid wastes which one can inhale while asleep.

Apart from reducing damage to the mattress, many people purchase mattress covers so as to reduce allergy problems that are caused by inhaling wastes released by dust mites.

This mattress pad is tightly woven hence no duct mite can get through the fabric. The fact that it is washable also makes it easy to keep away dust mites.

5. Waterproof

Wetness can cause damage to a mattress within a very short time. The Hannakay mattress pad is a bonus to any bedding as it is waterproof.

It is therefore ideal for children who wet the bed or for people with children who are fun of playing with water. It will keep your mattress safe from spills and hence improve its lifespan.

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Why should you use Hanna kay mattress pad?

Hanna kay mattress pad Reviews

1. High-quality

The poly-cotton mixture produces a high-quality blend which is very strong and durable. You can, therefore, be sure to use this pad for much longer without the need to replace it.

2. Easy to clean

The Hannakay mattress pad is made from materials that are flexible and hence it is easy to hand clean. The pad can also be cleaned with a machine.  Additionally, this pad dries very fast.

3. Comforter 

This pad is quilted hence it can offer a comfortable sleep even if the mattress is worn out or very cold.  The cotton offers a soft soothing feel on the body which makes you feel very comfortable while asleep.

4. Can fit on different mattress sizes

The Hannakay mattress pad is flexible and stretchable.  This means it can fit on mattresses with varying sizes. It can stretch to fit on a mattress as thick as 18 inches.

5. Protects the mattress from stains

This pad protects the mattress from spills and stains so you don’t have to worry about getting you mattress dirty.  Additionally, it protects you from being in direct contact with the mattress which can be made from synthetic materials and itchy to the skin.

  • It is easy to clean
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • It very comfortable
  • Very light and cooling
  • Made from strong material
  • It is stretchable and can fit on many mattresses
  • It does not require dry cleaning
  • It can sever as an independent mattress
  • It comes with a 30-day warranty
  • It is made from high-quality materials
  • It develops wrinkles after several washes.
  • Despite having enough pads, it still too thin.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can it be washed by a machine?

 Answer: yes

  1. Can it fit on large mattresses?

Answer: yes. The Hannakay mattress pad can stretch and fit on mattresses as thick as 18 inches.

  1. Where can I purchase it?

Answer: You can buy it from leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

  1. Is it soft?

Answer: It is soft

  1. Is it waterproof?

Answer: Yes it is waterproof

Final verdict

The Hannakay mattress pad is able to fit on almost all beds without scrunching up or moving. Unlike many other mattress pads, this product can be washed and dries very quickly.

It offers a hypoallergenic layer between the user and the mattress. This helps in avoiding allergic symptoms caused by dust mites.

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